Stitchqueries: Do you use a stitching stand?

This should make for some great discussion and I hope everyone will chime in with their recommendations in the comments section below!

I just hold my projects in my hands, use an embroidery hoop for my cross-stitch projects, but sometimes that gets to feeling a little awkward. What would you recommend to use as a holder? A floor model or lap model for instance? And if so, which one(s)? There are just too many choices for me to decide without trying them first which of course I cannot afford to do. So if you would recommend the ones you like the best to me that would be so very helpful!

I love this question, thank you Valerie for asking it!

I have a lap stand that I sometimes use – I’m not sure if they still make it, its called a Sit’N’Stitch – it works great for me. It’s small and portable and I’m limited on space. I also don’t use it all the time, so it’s great to stash it away when I’m not using it. I poked around the web and cannot find the stand that I have anymore, they were hand made, so perhaps they have retired. (If anyone knows, please let us know the correct URL.)

The EZ Stitch Lap Stands are very similar to what I have,

You clamp your frame or hoop into the stand and you put the base under your leg(s) and stitch away on your project. You can stitch using both hands or just one, whatever you’re more comfortable with. I do like to stitch with both hands and I find that stitching that way doesn’t aggravate my carpal tunnel nearly as much and I can stitch for a longer period of time.

I know some of our readers use floor stands also, so hopefully we’ll hear some good opinions and buying advice on those types here in the comment section!

Happy Stitching!

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