Picked Up Pirate Treasure to Test Out My No Baste Scroll Bars

This WIP has been sitting in the stash cabinet for awhile. It always seems to get set aside for other projects, though I really do enjoy working on it. After I finished stitching The Raven I wanted to put something on the no baste scroll bars to test out with my E-Z Stitch lapstand from American Dream Products. I’m working on Pirate Treasure: Oak Island Mystery by Lynne Nicoletti…

Working on Pirate Treasure again....

The no baste system uses strips of velcro to attach your stitching to the bars, very inventive indeed. It only took me a few minutes to get my project attached to the scroll bars and I spent a few minutes fidgeting with the tension to get it where I wanted it to be. Honestly, I was pretty impressed with how fast I was able to get to a point of actual stitching on my first try using the bars, with previous scroll bar set ups that I’ve tried with stands I’d spend a good 20 or 30 minutes fidgeting with things to get them attached and then to get the tension just right. This no baste system was quick and truly easy.

Here you can see the entire stand and scroll bar set that I’m using:

Working on Pirate Treasure again....

Working on Pirate Treasure again....

(Here’s my total progress on this project so far, you can see I got a lot more done from where I left off last time)

I’m off to get back to stitching!

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  1. How does the velcro attach to the fabric? Is it the sticky variety or something else?

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