How I’ve Been Spending My Saturdays…

Not stitching, unfortunately. But we are having fun with the kids, so it’s all good.

We have soccer games every Saturday morning, and since two of our boys are playing (Lucas and Noah) we usually end up at the soccer fields early in the morning and stay past lunchtime.

Soccer Saturday - Noah's Game

Between games we get to goof off, walk the trails, feed ducks, and snack on whatever we packed in the cooler for the day.

Soccer Saturday - Lucas was in a good mood between soccer games

Soccer Saturday - Ducks, yes really ducks. Ethan finds ducks everywhere we go.

Soccer Saturday - Ethan is ready to go climb things and follow the ducks around

Ethan finds ducks everywhere we go. There’s even a pair of them that hang out on our street, in our yard most of the time. The child is obsessed with ducks and they seem to flock to him – literally. That pair in the photo up there is following him around, before he even fed them anything and even though there were two other little kids tossing breadcrumbs on the ground a few feet over.

I haven’t worked on My Token of Love in what feels like ages… between work, soccer, dentist appointments, and every other darn thing, it has been difficult to find a moment to breathe lately. As soon as I get this weekend’s to-do list checked off, I’ll be sitting down and getting at least an hour of stitching all to myself. It’s going to be blissful and there will be tea … I am determined to make it so.

How are you spending your weekends? Leave a comment below or pop over to the Facebook page and say hello in our “what are you working on this weekend” thread.

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