Pirate Treasure by Lynne Nicoletti Stitching Progress – one stitch at a time!

I know it’s been awhile since I posted a progress picture, but these days I am pretty slow to make actual visible progress. I remember the days I was miss speedy needle and could whip out a medium sized project like this in a week or two. *sigh* memories.

Again, this project is Pirate Treasure: Oak Island Mystery by Lynne Nicoletti.

Here’s today’s progress picture:
Pirate Treasure

and here is the previous progress picture:
Pirate Treasure Cross Stitch Project

I’m stitching it on the perfect Silkweaver hand dyed fabric for it, it looks like a treasure map already before I even get the design on there! It’s beautiful fabric, I’m not sure if you can see the opalescent threads in the picture here or not, love the extra sparkle.

One of the things about this pattern that I really enjoy is that the stitching is done with one strand of floss over two (instead of the usual two threads) so it creates sort of a painted look or a I guess you could say a worn out map look in this case.

Here’s what the stitched model looks like. You see the pirate face in the middle there?

One of the options is to add the Kreinik Glow in the Dark threads there so that his face glows in the dark – I bought the threads to do that (in both Lime and Grapefruit), but I haven’t decided if I’m actually going to do that or just use the DMC threads for him.

I have this suspicion that if he glows in the dark someone is going to be walking through the house and night and throw things at him hanging on the wall -lol-

I’ll post another update when I get a little bit more done – hopefully soon! In the meantime I’d love to hear about what you’re stitching! (Leave a comment, won’t you?)

Happy Stitching!
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