Cross Stitch Pattern Books on Kindle? Wait… huh?

So I frequently hop over to Amazon and pop “cross stitch” into the search and check out the newest releases for the month, or the last 90 days if I’m a little behind on checking things out, and I’ve been noticing more and more cross stitch pattern books are coming up as available for Kindle,and a few that were Kindle only, no print version to be found anywhere on Amazon.

I’m honestly a little confused by this new trend. Yes, I’ve been without a printer and tried to stitch a small pattern from my computer screen (and I have a 25″ monitor!) and that process is difficult. I can’t imagine trying to stitch something from a pattern on a Kindle screen, even if it is true to real print. I also saw some other needlework formats and even quilting pattern books in Kindle editions.

Maybe its just because I mark my place on my charts, highlighting finished areas and making notations in the margins of the page. I know not all stitchers do that, but I think a large percentage do some sort of place marker. I definitely need to have the paper in my hands and I usually make a working copy if I don’t want to write on the original.

Has anyone tried one of these pattern books on Kindle, and how did you like it?

Confused, but still stitching,

Twisted Stitches by Phil Davison, My Review

Twisted Stiches

30 Corrupt Cross Stitch and Embroidery Designs

For crafters who like their stitching with a twist, this book provides original designs with a wicked spin, and reworks cute craft imagery, including genuine vintage embroidery motifs, so that they cross over to the dark side.

I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect when I cracked open this book, but I knew I was excited to see something new and different. Speaking of new, if you are new to stitching there is a handy guide in the back of the book to help you with all the basics, including illustrations for all the important parts. It gives a brief overview of buying your supplies, what types of fabric to use for what projects, how to make your stitches, and even a few finishing tips and templates to help you make the finished projects that are pictured in the book. I mention this because I know it’s something that is often overlooked in these kind of books and it’s nice to see something so complete. There’s also a pocket inside the back cover of the book for some of the patterns. [Read more…]

Finished Jingle Mill Hill Christmas Ornament Kit

My first finish of the new year was the Mill Hill Jingle ornament cross stitch kit, I actually finished it a few days ago on January 2nd. These little kits from Mill Hill are a lot of fun and I’ve stitched a few of their ornament kits before so I knew I was going to get a great product when I ordered them. (I also ordered the Frosty kit, but haven’t started stitching it yet.)

Kit includes: Beads, charms, perforated paper, needles, floss, chart and instructions.

Finished Mill Hill Jingle Ornament Cross Stitch KitWhen I looked at it online I thought it was stitched on a plastic canvas material, but it is perforated paper. (my own mistake for not fully reading the description!) While Mill Hill makes a great quality strong perforated paper for stitching, do be careful because it will tear if you’re too rough on it.

I made it through with no tears, but I came close to tearing it when I was trying to tuck a short end piece under stitches on the back.

I think my only complaint about this kit was that there was just enough of the white floss to complete the stitching, I had but a tiny three inch two strand scrap left when I was finished. Now, I did make a mistake and have to “frog” a little bit, maybe 10 stitches.

So, if you’re a one-X-at-a-time style stitcher and you pick up this kit, be mindful that you may need a little bit of extra white to finish up. I stitch all to the right across and then all to the left back across and I ran out, and usually one-X-at-a-time takes up a bit more floss, not a lot more, but in this case enough extra that you might run out of the white. I did have plenty left of all the other colors.

When it came to beads there were plenty of those too in case you find any irregular shaped ones in your bag. However, the beads are not sorted like they would be if you were buying your beads individually, so you do have to pick the gold apart from the red. Fortunately, there were only two colors with this kit, red and gold. Frosty has way more bead colors, which is why I haven’t started it yet, because I didn’t want to pick through the beads right now and sort them out.

For finishing the kit suggests that you create a beaded hanger by threading red beads onto two strands of floss, and that’s how it’s finished in the model photo online and on the cover of the kit. (Pictured here at left)

However, in my opinion this is a heavy ornament when it’s finished and I was worried about that not being strong enough on my tree… after all I do have four kids and a cat to think about when it comes to ornaments.

So, I’m going to add a felt backing to mine and use a thicker ribbon hanger that runs through the “sandwich” of ornaments and backing instead. I might use the leftover beads to make a tassel or double up the hanger, I haven’t decided yet.

==> Click here if you’d like to grab the Mill Hill Jingle Ornament Cross Stitch kit to your stash and stitch it for the holidays!

Happy Stitching!
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Subversive Cross Stitch Book by Julie Jackson

I was pleasantly surprised when I received this book. For $10 I was expecting a flimsy chartlet with some black and white photocopy type pages inside. Not so. This is a nicely bound, hard cover book with quality print pages, color examples and clear directions for any level cross stitcher. Great for a beginner because the projects don’t require any specialty stitches and can easily be stitched on aida fabric.  I am loving this little book right now, and it’s proudly sitting on my coffee table for everyone to see instead of hidden away in the filing bin with all my other cross stitch charts.

==> Subversive Cross Stitch Book on Amazon

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