Butterfly Gifts Stitched by Jan

Jan shared this photo of her finished butterflies in the Stitching the Night Away Facebook group recently. She stitched them up as gifts for a weekend family gathering and everyone got to pick one to take home with them!
How awesome is that?

butterflies stitched by jan

stitched by Jan – free pattern here

Each one is different and has it’s own little bit of personality. [Read more…]

Butterfly Stitched by Lisa H.

I love what Lisa did with the words here, great finish!

stitched by Lisa H.

stitched by Lisa H.

Go find your wings and stitch something fun today πŸ™‚

If you’ve stitched one of my patterns, I’d love to see your finish and include it in the gallery here as well. Drop me a note. [Read more…]

Love Marriage Equality Celebration Stitched by Amanda B.

I think Amanda is the first one to finish stitching one of the Love celebration patterns (I haven’t even stitched a whole one yet myself, I need to pick up some red and orange floss)

Love marriage equality pattern stitched by Amanda B.

stitched by Amanda B.

If you’d like to stitch one of the Love is Love marriage equality celebration patterns, you can download a copy free right here. There are two versions; one with vertical stripes and one with horizontal stripes.

If you’ve stitched this pattern or one of the other patterns I’ve designed, I’d love to see a photo πŸ™‚ Drop me a note and let me know!

Independence Eagle Stitched by Denise

Denise shared this finish with us on the Facebook page awhile ago and I forgot to add it to the gallery. I love the idea of using the bandana as an accent or mat fabric too. Great work, Denise!

Independence Eagle stitched by Denise S

stitched by Denise S.

(this free pattern is available right here on Stitching the Night Away)

March Ornament Design Stitched by Shaunterria

Shaunterria-Live-Laugh-Love-OrnamentNot only did she finish both versions of the ornament and sandwich them together as front and back, Shaunterria tried her hand at a blanket stitch around the edges ~ and I’d say she did a beautiful job of it too! πŸ™‚

You can purchase the March Ornament as an individual chart by clicking here.

Stop by Shaunterria’s blog at http://ca11i0pe.blogspot.com/ to say hello and see what she’s stitching. And don’t forget to check out her guest author posts right here on STNA too.

Happy Stitching!

Have you done any Charity Stitching?

Thanks to our friend Loretta, I found WOCS. World Of Charity Stitching. They have a Yahoo group, and they want to make all kinds of nifty things for people in long term care…

This is the blog Β link: Β Β http://worldofcharitystitching.blogspot.ca/

I signed up for the Brushstroke Butterfly Quilt they had on, which happens to be a pattern designed by Loretta, and I have included my version of it below. They are a kind group of people who take your cross stitched squares and sew them into quilts, walker bags, or just finish them into bookmarks. I signed up and had to be finished in about a month, but I did it and mailed it about 10 days late. They accepted it graciously and I hope to do more for them in the future. Rachel in AZ (and the other lovely ladies) is always supportive and puts a tremendous amount of work in. I’m going to add this to the StitchbyRachel Pinterest Boards too…




March Ornament Stitched by Laurel

March Ornament Club Design stitched by Laurel

stitched by Laurel

I have to give Laurel a really big shout out here today ~ she is always one of the first to finish stitching an ornament after I release it to the group and she always does great work. Moreover, she always shares her photos with me – totally makes my day to see her finished projects every single time.

Please take a minute and hop on by Laurel’s blog today ~ http://xslaurelcountsxs.blogspot.com/
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January Snowflake stitched by Shaunterria

anuary-Snowflake-stitched-by-ShaunterriaShaunterria used a really interesting finishing technique with her snowflake finish; she used some iron-on vinyl on the back and cut it out so it is flat. Interesting option for those who don’t want to do sewing and stuffing of all their ornaments this year πŸ˜‰

I’m always learning new things and getting new inspiration from our stitching community ~ I truly appreciate all the emails and photos that everyone shares with us here.

Thank you all. Happy Stitching!
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Brushstroke Butterfly Shared by Timothy J on Facebook

I love it when Brushstroke Butterfly finishes come in for the gallery, they’re all unique and so much fun to see.

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Merry & Bright Stitched by Shaunterria


– as stitched by Shaunterria –

One of the things that I enjoy most about doing the Ornament Club is seeing how everyone finishes their ornaments and what fabrics they use. This is Shaunterria‘s finished Merry & Bright (February’s Ornament)

Happy Stitching! πŸ™‚
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