First Cross Stitch Start of the New Year

So I couldn’t resist starting a new project. It took me awhile to decide on a fabric, but I started stitching The Raven by La D Da.

Stitching "The Raven" by La D Da
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Imagination Creation Finished Stitching

This was my last finish for 2011 and I included it my annual stitching report, but then I realized I didn’t give it’s own blog post and formally declare it finished. So here it is…

This is Imagination Creation by Dragon Dreams, a design from the 2005 Fantasy Faire. I had this kitted up in my stash since the event and just now finally stitched it up – and I’m so glad I did! I think instead of framing I’m going to do a flat board finish and I recently someone displaying their small cross stitch pieces using a plate stand and it looked fantastic, so I might try that. [Read more…]

My 2011 Annual Report of the Stitching

Hard to believe it’s the last day of 2011 already and tomorrow we’ll start a fresh new year. One of the benefits of keeping a stitching blog is it’s easy to look back through the posts and see what I’ve accomplished (or not accomplished) stitching wise for the year. So I present my 2011 annual report of the stitching…

Imagination Creation by Dragon Dreams

Status: Just finished this week! Needs framed or other final finishing touch.
Imagination Creation Finished Cross Stitch
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Working on Imagination Creation by Dragon Dreams

I’ve had this kitted up since it came out, but just finally started stitching on it. This is a Dragon Dreams design called Imagination Creation from the Fantasy Faire 2005 event.

WIP Stitching Imagination Creation by Dragon Dreams
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Almost Done with Green Dragon Bookmark

I really thought I’d get him finished this weekend, but the universe had other plans. I did however come very close to finishing him.

Cross Stitch WIP Green Dragon Bookmark

This is Green Dragon Bookmark by Dracolair and I’m stitching him on 32 count Belfast Linen Silkweaver Solo Mini with the DMC threads as charted. I do really wish I had stuck to the 28 count fabric instead of opting for 32, it’s been a tight squeeze with all the fractional stitching, but I wasn’t thinking of that when I chose my fabric.

All the cross stitching is done on the dragon and about half the border is stitched. Once I finish the border stitching I’ll go back and do all the backstitching and outlining, then figure out how I want to finish the edges and insert him into the next book I pick up.

Then comes the really tough decision of what to stitch next… [Read more…]

I’m still slowly stitching Green Dragon Bookmark

I’m actually almost finished with all the cross stitching. I just haven’t had as much time to stitch as I would like to have lately. I need to remedy that, fast.

Stitching WIP Green Dragon Bookmark

This is Green Dragon Bookmark by Dracolair and I’m stitching him on 32 count Belfast Linen Silkweaver Solo Mini with the DMC threads as charted. With all the fractional stitching I’m kinding of wishing I had stuck to 28 count instead of grabbing the 32 count, but when I did my floss toss and picked a fabric I was looking at what color would go best with the greens and didn’t think about the fabric count at the time. Lesson learned. [Read more…]

Stitching WIP Green Dragon Bookmark

Still working on Green Dragon Bookmark (design by Dracolair) over here – feeling like the slowest stitcher ever lately. I’m stitching him on 32 count Belfast Linen Silkweaver Solo Mini – and I forgot how nice Belfast is to work with, it’s been awhile since I used some. Beautiful fabric. So here is my current progress…

WIP Stitching Green Dragon Bookmark

He’s actually starting to look like a dragon now. Compared to my previous progress on him.

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Started Stitching Green Dragon Bookmark

He was chart of the week last week and I ordered him promptly since I needed to order that skein of DMC 210 to finish the Lace Heart Wedding Sampler project. and of course once he arrived I couldn’t wait to start stitching him!

Start of Green Dragon Bookmark Cross Stitch project

I’m stitching him on 32 count Belfast Linen Silkweaver Solo Mini. (This is from the original Silkweaver Fabrics, as is 99% of my fabric stash – they were recently purchased by Zweigart Fabrics so things may be a bit different now.) I’m stitching him as charted, no modifications, and he’s charted in all DMC threads.

I’m really looking forward to finishing him so I can use him as my page mark while I read the The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel – we just ordered the five book series, hubby has first dibs on Book One (The Alchemist) so I’ll have a few weeks before I can dig into it. [Read more…]

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