Brushstroke Butterfly by Robin B.

Well I asked to see all the Brushstroke Butterflies and they are pouring in! This one comes from Robin B.


Thank you Robin for sharing your stitching with us!

If you have stitched Brushstroke Butterfly I’d love to see your version as well. You can leave a comment here on the site or contact me directly.

You can download the free cross stitch pattern in PDF format here at any time:

Happy Stitching!

Brushstroke Butterflies by JanDFL

I am loving all the great Brushstroke Butterfly pictures folks are sharing with me during this giveaway event! This set of butterflies comes from JanDFL…

Here’s two pictures of my Brushstroke Butterfly finishes. This first one was for my granddaughter and the next was for a quilt for a friend.

Brushstroke Butterfly Brushstroke Butterfly

Don’t forget to send in your pictures too!

Happy Stitching!

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Brushstroke Butterflies by Barb H.

Not long after I posted the announcement of this month’s special stash grab bag giveaway for those who have stitched Brushstroke Butterfly I received a lovely email from Barb H., who has stitched not one, not two, not a few, but eight Brushstroke Butterflies! And they are all amazing, wow! You might recognize a few from the quilt project I posted a photo of awhile ago.

Here are pictures of the 8 brushstroke butterflies that I’ve stitched for various charity quilts. Two of mine are on the quilt that Muskokalynn did for her friend. A number of the butterflies have gone to the Breast Cancer quilt projects and another to a Coles Quilts project, and a couple more for individual quilts.

Check out these beautiful photos she sent me:
Brushstroke Butterfly3 by BarbH Brushstroke Butterfly2 by BarbH

Brushstroke Butterfly8 by BarbH Brushstroke Butterfly7 by BarbH

Brushstroke Butterfly6 by BarbH Brushstroke Butterfly5 by BarbH

Brushstroke Butterfly4 by BarbH Brushstroke Butterfly by BarbH

If you’ve stitched Brushstroke Butterfly make sure to enter the grab bag giveaway and submit your pictures too. If you haven’t stitched it yet, there’s still plenty of time left in April if you’d like to give it a try. (By the way, in case you’re keeping count – that’s 16 entries in the giveaway for Barb!)

Happy Stitching!
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Stash Grab Bag Giveaway – Have you stitched Brushstroke Butterfly?

This giveaway is now closed

Brushstroke Butterfly is probably the most popular free cross stitch design here at Stitching the Night Away and I love getting emails and seeing blog posts with pictures of everyone’s finished projects. I’ve been trying to gather them up for the Gallery of Finished Cross Stitch projects here on the site, but there are quite a lot of them spread across the web so I am here to ask for a little help on this – and of course reward you for stitching and sharing the design as well!

So, here’s the deal. I want to see your finished Brushstroke Butterfly and I’ll compile the images into the Gallery here on STNA and add them to Flickr as well. For every finished image you send me you’ll be entered into a giveaway for this lovely stash grab bag, just put together today right out of my own personal stash cabinet!

Stash Grab Bag Giveaway April 2011

Stash Grab Bag Includes:

  • small springload cross stitching hoop
  • 1 spool of Kreinik Silk Serica (#9034)
  • an 18×26″ cut of 28 count hand-dyed fabric (Sand from Silkweaver)
  • an odd size cut of hand-dyed fabric (unlabeled peach and pink color from I forget where – oops!)
  • a fat 1/8th cut of 16 count hand-dyed aida fabric (Buttercup from Heaven Lee Creations)

How to enter:

Leave a comment with a link to your finished project picture on the web and I’ll go check it out! If you haven’t uploaded your image to the web that’s okay, you can send your picture as an email attachment to and still be entered in the giveaway.

Only projects of completed Brushstroke Butterfly patterns count for this giveaway! (But, don’t fret, there’s still time to stitch it if you haven’t yet AND we’ll be doing this with other patterns in the future!)

Yes, if you’ve stitched this design multiple times it counts as multiple entries! Yes, group projects such as Love Quilts entries count also, in fact Love Quilt submissions will count as double!

Fine print and additional details

Contest is void where prohibited.

Location restrictions are being lifted for this one, so if you’re across the pond it’s all right, I will gladly ship to you on this particular giveaway and I look forward to seeing your entries!

You have until midnight Eastern Time on Friday April 29, 2011 to enter your project. After that a winner will be selected at random and announced here. I will also notify the winner by email to collect their shipping details for the stash package.

Brushstroke Butterfly by Line

Thank you to Line at Words of a Wikkid Woman for letting me share her finished Brushstroke Butterfly with you:

If you have a stitched version of one of Stitching the Night Away’s patterns that you’d like to share please leave a comment or contact me.

Don’t have this pattern yet? Get Brushstroke Butterfly free here! <===

Happy Stitching!

Brushstroke Butterfly Cross Stitch Quilt

I came across this in a discussion over at the Message Boards this week and I love it, such beautiful stitching and quilting work!

Lynn (aka MuskokaLynn) posted a picture of this finished quilt that she and several other stitching friends got together and did for a friend who was diagnosed with cancer. I think you’ll agree that they put together a lovely gift.

I can’t think of a better example to show how much fun it is to play with floss color choices! Each stitcher in the group chose colors from their own stash and the results were outstanding.

If you don’t have the Brushstroke Butterfly cross stitch pattern yet and would like to download it you can get it right here at Stitching the Night Away … <== I wish you all happy stitches!
Kind Regards,

P.S. If you have stitched one of the free cross stitch patterns found here at Stitching the Night Away, we’d love to see it! Please use the contact page and send me an email telling me about your project so we can share a picture of your work here on the site!

Brush Stroke Butterfly Free Cross Stitch

This has long been one of our most popular free cross stitch patterns here at Stitching the Night Away. It’s the perfect size for stitching up charity quilt squares and it’s super easy to customize. You can change the colors to your liking, use variegated floss, add words to the white space, whatever you’d like to create the perfect piece for your needs.

Brushstroke Butterflies Gallery Images

I hope you enjoy stitching it, and as always you can share our free patterns by forwarding them to a friend. If you stitch this piece I would love to see your finished work. You can leave a comment here, send me an email, or share your photos on our Facebook page!

Make sure you sign up for our email reminders before you go so you don’t miss any free cross stitch patterns.

Happy Stitching!
Kind Regards,

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Brushstroke Butterfly as stitched by Robyn

Thank you, Robyn for sharing your finished work with us.

This pattern is available for free here at Stitching the Night Away as an individual chart download and it’s also included our free report on Cross Stitching on Evenweaves and Linens.

<-- Join the Stitching the Night Away Flickr Pool If you'd like to share your finished stitching of one of our patterns please leave a comment here or email me any time. Kind Regards,

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