Stitching Bloggers Blog Hop: Staying Active

In this round of the blog hop we’re talking about something a little different. Staying active. Stitching isn’t exactly an active sport, and many of us also have jobs and other things that keep us sitting or stuck in one spot for long periods of time, so sometimes staying active and getting enough movement in the day while still enjoying the things we love and getting our work done can be a struggle.

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Stitching Bloggers Blog Hop #21

I’ve had a few requests to revive the blog hops, so here we are. I think we’ll give it a go on the 1st weekend of every month for the rest of this year, maybe with a few extra special event hops thrown in here and there just for fun.

stitching bloggers blog hop

The theme for this blog hop:

Your favorite post on your blog from this year so far. It could be a finish with lots of pictures, a tutorial you wrote, or just a fun experience you wrote about and shared. Anything goes.
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How to Find Pins From Your Blog on Pinterest

As crafters we tend to have lots of images and pretty things in our blog posts, and those things often get pinned on Pinterest. But how do you know what was pinned and by who? Your social media widgets might tell you how many pins but maybe you want to see who is pinning you so you can follow them and check out their pins as well. Let’s take a look at how to do that….

First we’re going to go to You don’t even have to be logged in to do this.

In the address bar of your window you’re going to add /source/ to the URL
pinterest source checking url
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Blog Hop: Subscriptions, Autoship Programs, and Must-Haves?

We haven’t had a blog hop in awhile, so let’s get back into it.

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The blogging prompt question for this hop:

What stitching subscriptions do you currently have and love?

Those could be magazines (digital and/or print), stash subscriptions like fabric of the month or StitchyBox (see sidebar for coupon code on that one), auto-ship designer programs, or custom built just for your shipping programs from your local needlework shop. Tell us about them, share the love, and tell us how to get in on the fun!

How to Participate in the Hop:

To participate simply write a blog post on your own blog about the above topic and then at the end include this piece of code to display the link widget.

Including this widget on each participant’s response makes it easy for readers to “hop” from blog to blog to read about the topic, leave comments, and meet new bloggers.

After you’ve blogged your response enter you link in the widget below

**note** Enter the direct link to your response, not the link to your blog’s homepage. ** That way blog hoppers will go straight to your response in this edition of the blog hop.

Visit the Participants in this Blog Hop:

Leave a comment, give them a like on Facebook, and generally share the love.
(This is also the widget where you submit the link to your blog post.)

Use Our Banner (Optional):

Including the banner on your post is optional, but appreciated as it helps identify the post as a blog hop posting and links to the category here on the site so others can click through and participate as well. You can just copy and paste this code to display the banner like I have at the top of this post:

Or if you prefer you can just link to the blog hop post from your response post. Either way, a link is always appreciated 🙂

Happy Stitching & Blog Hopping! 🙂

Stitching Bloggers #19: Your Favorite Holiday Decoration

Stitching Bloggers Blog Hop at Stitching the Night Away

Welcome back to a fresh new edition of the blog hop! We’re on our new schedule of hopping once a month on the 15th. The blog hop widget for round #18 has been closed and this month’s widget will be open for you to add your link until January 15th. That gives everyone plenty of time to participate and visit the other players in the hop. Let’s get to it…

The blogging prompt for hop #19 is:

What’s your favorite holiday decoration? (it can be stitched or not stitched) Share a picture if you have one!

How to Participate:

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10 Things You Might Not Know About Me…Stitching Bloggers Blog Hop Edition!

This 10 things meme seems to make its way around the internet every few years, I always mean to post and I always forget. Not this time. Here I present you with 10 things you might not know about me….

1. I met my husband when I was teenager when our friends set us up on a blind date. He was ridiculously late picking me up that night, but I forgave him. We’ve been virtually inseparable ever since. (And that was way back in 1994, when cell phones weighed pounds instead of ounces!)
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Designing my own patterns the 500th post!


I thought about designing my own patterns for years. I would go to the nearest shop and find things I liked, but very rarely that I LOVED. I joined the Stitching the Night Away ornament club in January, and I confess I fell in love with the idea of coming up with something new every month. I had these three patterns inside me for a very long time, and many others to come, but I just had to get these on paper. So to speak. Right now all three of them are just in pdf! Throughout my years of studying needlework, stitching and its origins, I came across an old belief “one should never stitch or create a pattern of an object born with a soul”. There were many samplers that only had letters, floral, homes, rivers, nature than sort of thing and I realized why there was this void about people and animals.  In keeping in that tradition, most of my first creations have been floral. Many thanks go out to Loretta for providing valuable feedback on the most user friendly tools to utilize while designing.

I have committed to stitching all three myself to find the ins and outs of my patterns. There are more brewing inside me yet  🙂

I have designed a set of three you can find on the StitchbyRachel Flickr page, my blog, Pinterest, craftgawker, craftsy, Instagram, tumblr, etsy, twitter, olioboard, and on Stitch by Rachel Facebook.

Blog Hops Will Return Over the Summer [and some random photos]

A few people have asked why the blog hops stopped. Honestly, just life getting in the way. We’ve been so busy with work, school, soccer, so on and etcetera….

Once soccer season and school are over the blog hopping will get back to normal. I expect our next hop to be June 15th. In the meantime enjoy these photos I managed to snap of the kids (getting them to hold still long enough for a photo is seriously hard!) …

Lucas received some cool new golf stuff for his 15th birthday over the weekend (new golf bag and a new hybrid #3 club)
Lucas is 15....
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