Getting to Know the Stitching Community: Patti Dagg


Patti Dagg

Welcome back to another edition of the getting to know the stitching community. This week we’re talking with Patti Dagg from Rocky Mountain Stitcher.

Let’s get started…

What’s your favorite type of cross stitch project to work on?


Do you have a favorite designer?

Nora Corbett, Darlene O’Steen, and Brenda Gervais

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Intriguing Blackwork Designs Found on Pinterest

This stunning peacock blackwork design is available as a chart or a kit from designer Tanja Berlin …

This amazing dragon blackwork pattern is available on etsy… [Read more…]

Joining the Totally Useless Stitch-a-Long

Affectionately known as the TUSAL ~ a stitch-a-long where progress is shown by display of your ort jar. I had made a note to join this SAL at the beginning of the year, and then promptly got distracted. And of course I remembered after I emptied my ort jar. So here I am starting with a fresh and empty ort jar….

Empty Ort Jar ready for TUSAL
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Getting to Know the Stitching Community: Laurel

LaurelPIt’s time to get to know some more stitchers in the community. This week we’re getting to know Laurel. I just shared her finished Ornament Club piece the other day and you might also recognize her from her blog, “Cherished Creations” – everyone counts, where she frequently shows off her WIPs and finished stitching.

Let’s get right into the stitching questions with Laurel….

What’s your favorite type of cross stitch project to work on?

I love making ornaments, they’re quick and easy. I have 2 that I’m working on now. One is by Mill Hill and the other is Pine Glen Designs.

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Cross Stitched Vogue Magazine Cover

Check out this stitched magazine cover! I got a little excited at first thinking these were pattern creations, but then I went digging for more information. If you look closely you can see that the Xs aren’t in rows straight across. Artist Inge Jacobsen, who created these incredibly detailed high fashion samples by stitching directly onto British Vogue‘s glossy covers.

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Cross Stitch Tattoos

This cross stitch tattoo was too cool not to share…

And here’s another one, equally cool… [Read more…]

Getting to Know the Stitching Community: Pat Harding

I want to take a little time each week to get to know the members of the stitching community as a whole, stitchers, designers, enthusiasts, we all love needlework and we all are passionate about what we do. Let’s share our passion and get to know each other a little better.

The lovely Pat Harding is our featured stitcher this weekend and is also a member in our Stitching the Night Away Facebook community.

Let’s jump right into the stitching questions…….

What’s your favorite type of cross stitch project to work on?

My first love are samplers, but I like almost all kinds of cross stitch.

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What Do You Do When You’re in a Stitching Rut?

Well, here I am … still not finished with my Green Dragon Bookmark. He’s almost finished, but after not being able to stitch for a long period of time and then after being sick for about a week I ended up in this rut where I’m just not motivated to go and pick it up right now. I noticed a few other folks in our Facebook community also mentioned recently that they’re in a bit of a stitching rut as well.

What do you do when you’re in a stitching rut?

I’ve just been working with my transcription clients and on my websites, and if I’m not at my desk working then I’m hanging out with hubby and/or the kids. I haven’t picked up anything crafty in at least two weeks. I might have put 10 stitches into my bookmark since my last progress update with a photo. The problem there is it’s making me a little cranky, I need to find my creative mojo again. I’m sure a few others have experienced this as well.

I’d love to hear from you about what you do when you’re in a rut or have lost your mojo. Please, leave a comment here to share your tips and advice. I look forward to reading everyone’s experiences and comments. [Read more…]

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