A Light in Darkness Blackwork

I found this beautiful blackwork project posted on Flickr by hanging-by-a-thread and I just love it. With the Olympics going on this week, it seemed like an appropriate thing to share.
There is a light that never goes out
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World of Charity Cross Stitching

wocThe World of Charity Cross Stitching group was started in 2007 as an offshoot of another charity stitching group.

Initially they were a cross stitching and quilting group, but things have evolved and they now produce hand made gifts for children and seniors alike, including quilts, totes, cards, stuffed animals and much more. [Read more…]

Sponsor and Banner Openings Available in April

I can’t believe it’s nearly April already, but the increasing amount of pollen is assuring me that it most definitely is Spring. As we head into April I have a few sponsorship and advertisement spots available. There are four spots open for banner placement in the sidebar ==> over there on the right hand side where you currently see the Stitching for Literacy banner placed, and I also have a free cross stitch pattern that will be coming out in April that is open for sponsorship as well. You’ll find details about pricing and getting started on my advertising page for this site.

As always, I appreciate your support here at Stitching the Night Away. If you have any questions please leave a comment below or send me an email.

Our Community Is More Than Just Cross Stitching

Even though our cross stitching often consumes us and you will find us ignoring the rest of the world for hours at a time to focus on needle and thread, we are still have other life interests, families, pets, homes, – you know, normal every day stuff! Here’s a few blog posts from the stitchers in the STNA community to show off what we’ve been up to other than stitching…

Dawn has a little video to share about the new baby lambs they have. They have five itty bitty baby lambs roaming their ranch this spring! (Go watch the video and come back, it’s adorable and I’ll wait….)

Lindsay is working on planting a container garden on her patio – which reminds me I really need to get my yard work done this weekend. [Read more…]

A Few Snippets From Around the Web

I’ve been a bit busy with other work this week and I was feeling a bit disconnected, so I asked on the Stitching the Night Away Facebook page for everyone to post a link to something they posted on their blog this week. That way I could catch up with everyone all in one place. It worked out really well, and I’m thinking we’ll do something like this on the Facebook page once a week from now on because it was fun to see what everyone was up to. Here are a few snippets from around the web… [Read more…]

Getting to Know the Stitching Community: Patti Dagg


Patti Dagg

Welcome back to another edition of the getting to know the stitching community. This week we’re talking with Patti Dagg from Rocky Mountain Stitcher.

Let’s get started…

What’s your favorite type of cross stitch project to work on?


Do you have a favorite designer?

Nora Corbett, Darlene O’Steen, and Brenda Gervais

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Joining the Totally Useless Stitch-a-Long

Affectionately known as the TUSAL ~ a stitch-a-long where progress is shown by display of your ort jar. I had made a note to join this SAL at the beginning of the year, and then promptly got distracted. And of course I remembered after I emptied my ort jar. So here I am starting with a fresh and empty ort jar….

Empty Ort Jar ready for TUSAL
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Getting to Know the Stitching Community: Laurel

LaurelPIt’s time to get to know some more stitchers in the community. This week we’re getting to know Laurel. I just shared her finished Ornament Club piece the other day and you might also recognize her from her blog, “Cherished Creations” – everyone counts, where she frequently shows off her WIPs and finished stitching.

Let’s get right into the stitching questions with Laurel….

What’s your favorite type of cross stitch project to work on?

I love making ornaments, they’re quick and easy. I have 2 that I’m working on now. One is by Mill Hill and the other is Pine Glen Designs.

Do you have a favorite designer? [Read more…]

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