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I’ve been a cross stitcher since I was 8 years old. It was something I learned as a Girl Scout when we did a project for a badge related to crafts and the group choose to cross stitch a holiday design on a red sweatshirt using waste canvas. (Talk about hard first project, that was such a pain!) I was one of the first ones finished and I’ve had a needle in my hand almost every day since then.

Stitching Progress This Week!

It feels like forever since I had real stitching progress to share here on the blog. I mentioned in the newsletter last week that I was recovering from feeling pretty darn crappy and as part of that I prescribed myself some stitching time daily. I have to say, stitching is good medicine.

I put a few hours in stitching My Token of Love by Rosewood Manor, a project that has been neglected for awhile. This was my morning project, I’d stitch for 30 minutes or so after everyone left for school each morning. A cup of hot coffee and whatever random cooking show was on TV…
(you can see previous progress on My Token of Love here)

Then my weekend project was starting Joker & Harley by weelittlestitches
I’m hoping that I can finish this one up this week ~ yay for quick projects!

Finished Reading; Alone (A Bone Secrets Novel) by Kendra Elliot

Last night I finished reading Alone (A Bone Secrets Novel) by Kendra Elliot.

This was a pretty smooth read and I enjoyed the story. It’s a combination of mystery, thriller, sort of drizzled with romance. There is one sex scene in the book, but it’s pretty mild. In other words, the book is 98% story, no smut.

I didn’t realize this was the fourth book in the series – but fortunately each book in the series focuses on a different character, so I can go back and read the other three novels at another time and they’re all standalone stories that link together in small ways.

I kind of like that concept, little stories in their own universe that go together but don’t necessarily need to be together. Reminds me a little bit of comic book crossover stories, but in novel form.
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Independence Eagle Stitched by Denise

Denise shared this finish with us on the Facebook page awhile ago and I forgot to add it to the gallery. I love the idea of using the bandana as an accent or mat fabric too. Great work, Denise!

Independence Eagle stitched by Denise S

stitched by Denise S.

(this free pattern is available right here on Stitching the Night Away)

5 Crochet Books that are Free on Kindle

It’s no secret that I love my Kindle. It is often an extension of my arm, I’m always reading something somewhere. One of the cool things about the Kindle marketplace is the variety of reading material that you can pick up for no cost. Even if you don’t have a Kindle, there are still some great freebies to be had and you can use the FREE Kindle Reading App to view and read the books on your favorite device or even on your desktop computer.

I spent some time poking around the craft and hobby section this morning and I found these five promising crochet books that are all currently free. I don’t know how long they’ll stay free, so grab ‘em while you can ;-)

Crochet Patterns For Beginners by Amy Wright

This is a beginner “learn how to” type book with directions for basic crochet stitches such as slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet and treble crochet.

Includes 10 beginner level patterns for dishcloths, granny squares, coasters, scrubbies, beanies and hats, and even a scarf.

Click Here to Get This Free Kindle Book

Update: It appears the free promotion for this book listed has expired, but the full price is pretty affordable at $2.99.
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Finished Reading; Timebound (The Chronos Files Book 1) by Rysa Walker

(Available as part of Kindle Unlimited if you’re a subscriber, but also available in the usual other formats as well)

I love time travel stories and this one was fun with the layers and ripples. I’m looking forward to reading the next one in the series when it comes out in October.

Things get a little bit confusing if you try to read it when you’re half asleep, but I’d say that’s true of any time travel story. The story moves around quite a bit, from place to place and from time to time. It can be a lot to keep track of, but it’s worth the brain power required to do so, there’s some good stuff and some subtle little links between the timelines.

There are lots of little loops in this story, along with things to make you think about how life could be different if just one tiny thing changed in the scope of a lifetime.
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Stitchqueries: How Many Strands?

This question from Amy made me so happy, because I love it when stitchers try new things!

This is my first time stitching a project that isn’t from a kit, it’s also my first time using an evenweave fabric (28 count). The sampler pattern I’m using doesn’t specify how many strands of floss to use and I’m a little nervous about starting. How many strands do you recommend?

First of all, I just want to say YAYYYYYYY ~ seriously happy for you stepping out of the aida and kit comfort zone to try a new format, that’s awesome, I think you’re going to enjoy it.

So the number of strands generally depends on how much coverage you want from each stitch.

  • 1 strand gives thin coverage and can sometimes be used for minor fill details, like the sky or a background.
  • 2 strands seems to be the go-to number of strands for basic average coverage on most fabric counts.
  • 3 strands is for very full coverage and sometimes used to make things stand off the fabric more.
  • 4 strands is sometimes used in stamped cross stitch and on larger count fabrics where the X is a lot bigger and has more fabric to cover.

All that being said, you can use as many strands as you’d like. There is no right or wrong.
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Stitchnmomma Mystery SAL for the Holidays

I just signed up for the Stitchnmomma 2014 Mystery SAL. Sign ups are open until August 30th and it’s only $3 to join and receive the patterns. You can register by picking up the SAL listing in Kelly’s Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/listing/199313314/2014-mystery-christmas-sal-original


Mystery patterns are always fun and I definitely need something to pull me out of this stitching slump I’ve been in lately. I’ve hardly done any stitching this year and it’s nearly September, I feel like such a slacker. I look forward to stitching along with everyone on this project :)

Star-Spangled Happiness Free Cross Stitch Pattern

freepatternstarspangledstackedJust a quick little freebie to stitch up over the Independence Day holiday this weekend.

Unfortunately, the weather forecast here in my part of the U.S. looks hot, humid, and rainy :( – good weather for staying in to stitch, but not so great for taking the kids out to see fireworks, cooking on the grill, and other fun stuff.

Hopefully your weather is a little nicer. East coast folks, please stay safe, it looks like we’ll have our first storm of the summer this week.

download the pattern PDF fileClick here to download and save the pattern PDF file

Pattern Size: 70w X 117h ~ I did include a legend for the colors in the chart, but as always you can pull threads from your stash and get creative ~ I look forward to see everyone’s finished stitches. You can send me an email, post a reply here, or share your pictures on the Facebook page.
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