Getting to Know the Stitching Community: Shaunterria Owens

I’m so happy to be featuring all these new contributors and learning more about their stitching habits, their favorite projects, and their interests overall. Today we’re getting to know Shaunterria.


~ Shaunterria ~

Shaunterria is active member of our blog hops and you’ll also find her hanging out in all your favorite places online…

Her blog:


Twitter: @shaunterria

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Stitching: Solitary or Solitude?

After reading years of books, magazines, and web content about stitchers and their stitching, I have noticed one prominent theme. We typically stitch alone.

id_rather_be_crossstitchingAre we all loners? Not at all! I don’t think so. There are many who like to stitch with friends, as a group, maybe even belong to a guild. But most of my reading indicates that we all like a QSnap/Lapstand/Floorstand, a comfy chair, and DVDs playing in the background while we pluck away at our projects.

I was re-reading all the Blog Hops of late, and I found them very revealing. It seemed as though almost everyone who contributed was a solo stitcher. Personally, my reason is somewhat of an escape – the one part of the days or weeks of chaos that I can take just for myself. What is your reason?
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Getting to Know the Stitching Community: Karen Ezell

Time to meet another new contributing author here at Stitching the Night. You might recognize Karen from a few other posts here about her designs and tutorials that she has done over at, she even sponsored one of our freebies not too long ago.


~ Karen ~

You can find Karen and her work over at Camp Cross Stitch

and also on Facebook:

Let’s jump right into the stitchy goodness with Karen…

Whatโ€™s your favorite type of cross stitch project to work on? [Read more…]

Cross Stitching – the Original Pixel Art

I love the things I find when I find random funny cross stitch references….

Cross Stitching: .... the original pixel art

Are You Missing Facebook Conversations?

facebook-conversationsWhen we took down the old Stitching the Night Away we moved over to a Facebook community because it seemed like an easy spam-free solution for the group. And it was working out fabulously until very recently when Facebook made some huge changes on how pages you’ve liked are delivered to your newsfeed. [Read more…]

Getting to Know the Stitching Community: Joy

Our next new contributor here Stitching the Night Away is Joy and I thought we’d get to know her a little bit before she gets busy posting fun new things. I love these stitchy community interviews ๐Ÿ™‚


~ Joy ~

You can find Joy hanging out online… her personal blog
Sola Scriptura Needlework, where she shares her scripture-based cross stitch designs

on Facebook, /solascripturaneedlework
and on Twitter @sneedlework

Let’s talk some stitching with Joy ๐Ÿ˜‰
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Getting to Know the Stitching Community: Rachel (aka: StitchbyRachel)

It’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these stitcher interviews and I thought it would be fun to revive these conversations with the newest contributing writers here at Stitching the Night Away ๐Ÿ˜‰ First up is Rachel …


~ Rachel ~

You can find Rachel hanging out online ….

on Facebook –
and on Twitter – @stitchbyrachel

Let’s get right into the stitching Q&A ๐Ÿ™‚

Whatโ€™s your favorite type of cross stitch project to work on? [Read more…]

Want to be a Guest Contributor Here at STNA?

Hello my stitching friends. I’m currently looking for three to five guest bloggers to contribute at least one post per month to the Stitching the Night Away website.

You can write about anything cross stitch related, tutorials, charts, tips, stash, etc… This is not a paid position, but an opportunity to increase your audience and reach, and yes that includes the chance to promote your own items for sale if you offer that kind of thing. All guest author accounts include a bio box that can include links to your own properties as you wish, you can also link to things in your blog posts. [Read more…]

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