Finally, Some Stitching Time!

I cannot tell you how badly I really needed to just have some nice quiet stitching time. I finally had some this week. Not a lot of progress, but managed to get a little bit done on My Token of Love. This was taken with my phone last night, so it’s not the best picture… I’ll grab a better picture next time!

Finally some stitching time... like a much needed therapy session :-P
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Third Round of Stitching on My Token of Love

I got a little further along on My Token of Love over the weekend…
third round of stitching on my token of love
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Second Week of Stitching My Token of Love

This is my current focus project; Rosewood Manor’s My Token of Love

second round of stitching on my token of love

I’m stitching on 28 count evenweave from Silkweaver Expressions (this is an “old Silkweaver” and the color is no longer available but I think the closest match would be called Precious Metals) and I’m using DMC variegated thread (#115 garnet) instead of the usual sampler silks.
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Started Stitching My Token of Love by Rosewood Manor

My-Token-of-Love-Rosewood-Manor-SamplerMy January stash acquisition to kick of the new year with was the chart and supplies to stitch My Token of Love by Rosewood Manor, along with a few extra packs of my favorite John James Needles because you can never have enough extra needles.

Over the past year I’ve been eyeing several of Rosewood Manor’s patterns and they’re quickly becoming a favorite for me. If you’ve been following my window shopping adventures here on the blog you’ve probably seen them pop up a few times.

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Finished My January Snowflake

Actually, I finished it about a week ago, I just needed to get the pictures off the new camera and figure out all the settings and buttons. I’m still not sure where all the settings are on this tiny little camera yet. But, here’s my snowflake, finally finished.

January Snowflake - Stitching the Night Away Ornament Club 2013January Snowflake - Stitching the Night Away Ornament Club 2013
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Loretta’s Annual Report of the Stitching for 2012

Last year I didn’t have a lot of finishes to share at the end of the year, or even a lot of progress to share. Fortunately, 2012 has shaped up to be a nice year of stitching for me. Let’s have a look…

2012 Ornament Club Snowflake – My own design

Status: Finished January 31st. 2012 Ornament Pattern Club Cross Stitch Snowflake
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Almost There on Paisley Pumpkin

I had hoped to stitch *two* of the fall Mill Hill kits this month, but things have been busy lately so it looks like I’ll only get one stitched up. I just realized I haven’t posted an update on this project recently, I’m such a slacker. But there is progress and I’m well past half way now.

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Unhappy with the Floss Toss ~ the Woes of a Stitcher

gaelic-banner-dracolairA little over a month ago I finally broke down and bought the supplies for the project that keeps me up at night wanting to stitch it – Gaelic Banner from Dracolair.

I’ve been drooling over it for the longest time, having all these mental conversations with myself about whether or not I could tackle such a big project. In fact, I bought the kit for Paisley Pumpkin that I’ve stitching in the same order as those supplies.

But you’ll notice I haven’t posted a start on Gaelic Banner yet. I’m having fabric issues. I just can’t find the perfect fabric. I’ve gone through several pieces of amazing fabric already and once I put them with the chart and the threads I decide they’re all wrong. Kelly at Stitchnmomma even created a piece just for me, which is beautiful and awesome and going to be used for another project. [Read more…]

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